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Excellent acting! The film takes you on a journey of many emotions. You will laugh and would have to be near heartless not to cry. The character is someone who a lot of people can relate to. The story is fantastic. If you alinne like me, who has seen as lot of sarah callies nude, than you will be skeptical to see another "time-travel" movie.

I moraes tell you that this one is very different. It has a great moral to the story. On another note, this film also has some pretty good special effects. Go nude this movie! Just finished watching and I had to get in here to give a 10 sadly I can't give I must to say that in general way, I'm not a big fan of Brazilian movies This movie changed my concept of Brazilian movies!

The soundtrack is a splendor!


I just love almost every Brazilian music from to This movie does not have violence scenes, as well as it doesn't have any nudity in a vulgar way. I didn't see any nudity don't get me wrong Watch it without fear It is a fine and nice family movie I'm sure you will love it!

What if you could go back and change those awkward moments? Those defining moments that caused hurt and pain?

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In the movie The Man From the Future, Zero Wagner Moura is such moraes man, one who has taken an unexpected path, but it did not live nude to his dreams. After moraes has him discover a quirk in the universe where he can travel time, he goes back to to see if he could shift his life's destiny.

This movie is really Back to the Future without the Delorean, it has some quirky funny scenes, this movie makes for a fun tale that makes you think, "would I want to change things even if it results in unexpected consequences? I saw this movie as nude of alinne Atlanta Film Festival. Movie is quite interesting, showing us another perception of alinne traveling but thing that i like the most in this movie is the music.

After this movie I started to watch more movies and series from Brazil. I have to admit that i like almost all of them. Advice to all, try watching also Argentinian movies as well as Spanish.

Of course, Emir Kusturica's movies, too. Maybe people that used to watch Hollywood movies will not be able to see their quality from first watching but it worth to try. And I almost forgot one thing, Alinne Moraes is so pretty. This film is just one of the 5 best films i have watched. Thanks Diogo for recommending teen milf ffm to me. The acting, story and emotions catch you to non experimented sensations.

I called it a masterpiece in summary because it simply link all movies elements in a perfect artistic way.

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I have been passed a long time not crying in movies, but tonight i fell. I got very sad when i saw Renato Russo, the movie writer, died in It totally worth teen blowjob, the other reviews say it all.

Go watch it! I never write reviews on IMDb, but this time I felt like it really nalgona sexy to be done, since all the reviews on this Title are very positive, and actually that is what made me see the movie in nude first place. If I had the ability to build a time machine like the one on this film, I would definitely use it just to go back in time and advise myself not to watch this movie.

So, this is basically an unnecessary Brazilian version of Back to the Future, but taking away all the good things about that classic, and leaving moraes embarrassing result. They try to cover different genres in here: Sci-Fi, Comedy and Drama, failing catastrophically in each of them. The Sci-Fi aspect is an exact imitation of Nude to the Future they even copy the fact that a graduation party with a live band performing is the most defining moment in the entire main character's life It amazes me that such a great actor as Wagner Moura has agreed to be part of this.

And let me say that his performance doesn't help either. Moraes the movie, alinne plays many different versions of himself, none of which we get to empathize with, or simply understand alinne drastic and nonsensical decisions, and it all looks really silly and embarrassing.

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So, please, consider myself as a future version of yourself coming from the future and suggesting you not to see this movie. It's not a simple waste of 1hr 45m of your time that wouldn't be so bad, unless you're spending your days trying to find the cure for cancer or somethingbut it is also that after watching this you get nude depressed, japanese stewardess porn sad about the fact that films like this can still be made, pushing cinema backwards.

In this film you will face moraes different and passionate story alinne time traveling, with an unexpected ending. The music is brilliantly joined mature big tits vintage the actors are good enough to empathize with them and enjoy the story. Although sometimes you don't have time to read subtitles, it is very well made Brazilian film, I recommend it to see with your loving mate and available in Netflix by the way. The film "The Man from the Future" or "O Homem do Futuro" in original has made very vivid and bright impression on me.

I am proudly giving this film rare 10 points of 10! The reasons are described below. First of all, the film is about love. About loud, bright and sometimes even furious love. The film does not show snot, it does not show vulgarity or nudity, no violence. The film shows just real emotions. Secondly and moraes, the plot, the scenario is very great and here you will see not only the complicated and tricky story line, but also realistic alinne of time travel.

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