Baker mayfield dance gif

We knew that last fall. We knew it when the Browns turned in the card to kick off the draft. We also know everything Mayfield does is magnified.

JuJu Smith-Schuster hypes up Baker Mayfield's dancing in 'Madden NFL 19' teaser - NFL Videos

He draws eyeballs and listeners and retweets. Mayfield is hitting the league right at a time when athletes are more empowered than ever.

They have come up in the social media era. And now his digital counterpart is doing the same. Oklahoma believes Baker Mayfield is a Heisman trophy contender.

See All Newsletters. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. There was an error processing your subscription. Play for Cash. Here's the problem with bringing Mayfield to the Jets.


The Jets suck hijab xxx loud. Mayfield, played on the most stacked team in a terrible conference and was surrounded by some of the best talent in the country.

We're already in full out disaster territory. The only major benefit to bringing in Mayfield is we'll get a lot of this while getting blown out every game:.

If I see those two dumbasses on the sideline while we trot out some old man or stitched together Will Never Be, I am going to lose it. Lets at least have fun when everyone laughs at us. I'm 39 years old. I've honestly never been as down on them as I am right now. Even the Kotite years didn't feel like this. To the practice squad you go.

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Let Belichick sign him for a week right before our game in his annual FU maneuver and just be done with the whole thing. Couldn't agree more, unless we trade up for Rosen, who's the best pure prospect, you have to give people a reason to be excited this year.

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Mayfield definitely does that. Because today, there's literally no reason to watch the NYJ. So, apparently the boy likes to shake dat ass! Baker during practice.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield can’t resist the Phil Collins drum solo during warm-ups

I should care because? Well, he kinda' is R7. He's no Sam Bradford. Haggard face.

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He's a real life Natasha Lyonne via slums of Beverly Hills! He purdy. He has hard face and, actually, a tard mind as well. But he is a good quarterback. Shit I'd like to go balls deep in this filly. That gif looks like an SNL skit. From Outsports. Looks like Baker has taken the whole team in his mangina. Peter Brady-ish. Bulbous, R20? I'm free sex nurse grateful he's not named Butler. Love those big thighs and rump. Good for him! He's cute. I'd date him. Poor thing. Norman Oklahoma is a desert when it comes to quality people.

R23 : Better get him in the ground before it's frozen solid. He is the good Prince Lancelot, he loves to sing and dance a lot! His preferred brand of lube. Come on, kid!