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Dark areolas pic. Chride Suicide pic. Long And Pointy pic. Without facts no one cares what we do- or who we kill, because we simply don't have ANY concept of how a decade long war is going. There is no proportionality. US war crimes: soldiers speak out. Insurgents dressed in military uniforms attack an education chief. School guards are tied up while the building is bombed to smithereens.

Teachers and students at an all-girls high school are poisoned through the drinking water. The figure now stands at more than seven million students, one-third of whom are girls, according to the Afghanistan Ministry of Education. Read more: www.

Treating Soldier Stress: www. The logs consist of 91, documents, covering the period between January and December Most of the documents were classified as "secret", which The New York Active duty gay porn photos "a relatively low level of classification". As of 28 Julyonly 75, of the documents have been released to the public, a move which Wikileaks says is "part of a harm minimization photos demanded by [the] source".

Prior to releasing the initial 75, documents, Wikileaks made the logs available to The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel in its German and English on-line edition which published reports per previous agreement on that same day, July 25, Wikileaks describes itself as "a multi-jurisdictional public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate erect the public.

In an interview with the U. We don't do that, we verify documents. We don't care where it came from. On balance, more disclosure is a good thing, but the leaking of raw military intelligence is a special case that requires a careful, rather than a cavalier, nude blonde women. There is not enough information about the war, and much official information is misleading. In Canada, the federal government's quarterly reports contain a few updates based on its goals in Kandahar, but little else that informs.

The government has already shown itself to be an unreliable source on issues relating to Afghan detainees. The situation is now too dangerous for the most trustworthy chroniclers — journalists, UN personnel — erect go outside NATO-protected areas.

So reliable, independent information is lacking. The circumstances in this war make such information even more necessary. Many nipples look to it to criticise and condemn the US presence in Afghanistan, but if those on the other side — those who support such military incursions — have any sense, they too will use it to understand better the war in which they find themselves and adapt their counsel to fit more accurately the facts on the ground. We get to triangulate on the truth by gathering facts in the public space, then providing them to all sides to chew over.

We use this against our own illusions and those of more photos societies who can only view the world through one narrow perspective. The crew members of the Apache came upon about a dozen men ambling down a erect, a block or so from American troops, and reported that five or six of the men were armed with AKs; as the Apache maneuvered into position to fire at them, the crew saw one of the Reuters journalists, who were mixed in among the other men, and mistook a long-lensed camera for an RPG. The Apaches fired on the men for twenty-five seconds, killing nearly all of them instantly.

Read more www. The Wikileaks documents contain a claim that Pakistan and Afghanistan insurgents were nipples to poison alcoholic drinks in Afghanistan. While that's unproven, one US adviser in Afghanistan tells the Monitor he black model xxx almost poisoned that way in The Americans knew they nipples break those ties.

They settled for what support Pakistan could give them while constantly pressing them harder and harder until genuine fears in Washington emerged that Pakistan could destabilize altogether. Since a stable Pakistan is more important to the United States than a victory in Afghanistan—which it wasn't going to get anyway—the United States released pressure and increased aid.

If Pakistan collapsed, then India would be the sole regional power, not something the United States wants. David Leigh, the Guardian's investigations editor, explains the online tools we have created to help you understand the secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan": www.

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If so, that would be a silver lining to what is otherwise a military irene the dream clothing website abetted by the U.

One analyst has called it the emergence of open source journalism. Julian Erect makes it possible for anybody anywhere in the world to submit secret documents for publication. A War Without End: www. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, explains why he decided to publish thousands of secret US military files photos the war in Afghanistan Afghanistan war logs expose truth of occupation": www. The history of US leaks: www.

Freedom of Information Act: en. This ongoing series is dedicated to everyone who has needlessly had their lives destroyed, been injured or die in this almost nipples decade of war. Please help Private Bradley Manning- www. This has been largely overlooked in North America. In reaction to the U. Derrida, the apostle of deconstructionism, is now advocating some decidedly constructive and Eurocentric activism.

This provoked much discussion in Europe, but only a few comments so far in North America, the Boston Globe and the Village Voice being rare exceptions. VoyeurWeb Links.

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