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May go shopping later to get more! Talk soon. Posts Likes Following Archive. Kylie Marilyn is a persona Maybe you know ,Yes I know that. Totalenclosed Sexy Rubberdoll. Miss Kylie Marilyn. I hope so.

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I love this new hood. I love it when I guy rubs his hands over my stocking legs, and tears at the rump to get to my, lady parts hehe.

It takes me about min to achieve a decent makeup look that I am satisfied with! There are literally thousands of girls on youtube doing howto makeup tutorials. Fine a girl with your same skin complexion and watch her videos. See what product she uses, how she uses it, and there is probably going to be a style of makeup that you like. Watch, practice, learn.

You can buy the same makeup in the vids online. Get a nice clean shave, take a selfie, and makeup away!

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A quality hairpiece is essential. A cheap party wig, is going to give you a cheap party look…. It will also look waaaay more convincing when you meet your guy in person! Buy clothes that work for you, and that show off your most prominent feature.

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Online shopping makes this a breeze, just measure yourself, and look at size charts. Great advice. Another tip to to buy separates blouses and skirts because dresses will look very short on you - if you have great legs than this is not an issue. Also please please read Note 1 - taking pics when the room behind you looks like a tip is not sexy. Also - download some software to manipulate your comic. Portrait Professional can make you look 18 or 80 depending on what you want.

Picasa has been discontinued unfortunately. For more photography tips just send me a note. Posts Viviana porn Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Sorry tumblr only. Body Hair : Shave those legs sissy! High Heels : Nothing screams sissy more than having to feminization around on a pair of slutty heels!

Latex Femdom Strapon Sissy Shemales and more — drawpleasure: lustomic - cobras trap My dream!

Other Things To Consider Your surroundings. Photo filters can add a better sense of lighting if you have poor conditions or a not so great camera. Be confident. When meeting a guy, make sure they know what they are in for. Make it clear your a CD or just a Sissy etc.

Have fun! Explore your femininity.