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Butt crack by Franco. Patrick's Day Crack by Coastal Elite. Cock'n Bull, Montreal, 18 March Buttcrack by james kimmerson. One Lazy Tree by Larry Krause.

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Buttcrack Public french girl. Pointing by Coastal Elite. Metropolis, Montreal, 21 oct. Tagensvej by Martin Kozak. It's true. Uh Oh Buttcrack by Connie Huang. Buttcrack Twins by Naz. Hey Jupiter by Alysha. Nothing's been the same. Log In. Groups Stories Questions People. Today I went to Costco and I saw this one girl, just sitting down at a table in the "food court".

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She went over to get a straw and it dropped on the floor. She bent over to get it and throw it away and her pants Her buttcrack was hanging out a lot, and I just stared. She had a 2,3 or 4 year old how am I supposed to know and she stuck her finger in her buttcrack, and that caused it to show even more.

She knew it was showing, because she was constantly trying to pull her pants up, or tuck her shirt down. It was hilarious because her pants just wouldn't go up. Add Opinion. Xper 5.

Would you be annoyed if somebody kept untying your shoes?

It's probably just an accident. Like I wear yoga pants or jeans that usually fit well, but my butt's kind sexy anime sluts big so they tend to not go up all the way sometimes.

If I forget to pull the waist up or maybe accidentally pair my bottoms with a shorter top, my crack will show if I keep sitting then standing. It's an honest mistake I sometimes make. GirlScoutsRevenge Yoda.

Because their jeans don't fit, or they think it's cool? You need to tell them to buy these t-shirts to disguise their inability to dress themselves Sign Up Now! Xper 6. Do you not care when it shows?

It seems some girls don't lol.

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Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I make sure I buy clothes that actually fit me. I'm usually pretty aware of it. I don't care if they see my crack or the back of my underwear, lol. If I walked out the door without a belt I am consciously aware that my panties or crack could be showing. You usually feel the air hit your crack.

However sometimes if it's room temperature one might not notice this at all. I'm usually wearing a belt but if I'm not wearing one I usually hold the back of my pants up if I bend over.