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Ongoing Path to Salvation. Ongoing My Aunt.

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Ongoing Lightning Rod. Chapter 77 December 13, Chapter 76 December 13, Ongoing Lust Awakening. Chapter 74 December 13, Chapter 73 December 6, Ongoing Freshman.

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Chapter 51 December 13, Chapter 50 December 13, Chapter 63 December 13, Chapter 62 December 13, manga My Soccer Captain. Henthai 3 December 13, Chapter 2 December 13, Find it out by yourself in here.

Now, the best hentai manga also in english. Altough, most of hentai are pictures, some of them also includes dialogues. Creators from Japan, not always translate them to english or any other language that is not Japanese.

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Some men find fictional characters even more attractive that real girls. Those cartoons are willing to do more kinky stuff than the girls we know. Have you ever fantasized about the main character of Evangelion saying that she wants to suck your dick? Why not risk it and go for both!

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So this young fella is being attacked by a bunch of monsters and now you would consider this situation to be unlucky. She kicks the monsters ass and thus the guy is being saved.

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Did she study at the Hero Academy? She is just a natural born hero who saves young men from dangerous situations. Does she work for free? The boys in the class ask their sexy female teacher if she has a boyfriend and what type of man does she like?

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We know how that usually ends! Thanks for all your hard work, master.