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Sex stifled a groan but was unable to contain a sharp inhale when her fingers began searching for the zip. She found the button at the top and began to unfasten his fly. There was a brief moment of relief for him when she finally succeeded and he could breathe again. Hermione's eyes went wide as he pushed his boxers down below his balls. She'd seen hermione in books, but this was entirely different. It seemed much bigger than she'd imagined and looked almost angry—swollen and reddish.

Tentatively, Granger reached out and let her fingers graze the head. His cock twitched in reaction, and she jerked away. For the first time in Hermione's life, she heard her professor laugh. It was more of a low chuckle, and she looked at him as if he'd gone mad. She'd never even seen him so much as smile before. Fanfiction sounded as though he was mature ebony pornstars the laughter as he spoke, "It'll do that from time to time.

Hermione let him guide her back to his erection. Closing her hand around his shaft, he covered it with his own.

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His organ jumped again, but this time their combined grip left her feeling less frightened. Now it felt more like a pulsing inside her fist. Snape slowly released her and let her take it on her own. She was surprised how soft the skin on his dick felt, like Egyptian cotton wrapped around an iron pole. Her fingers examined every vein and ridge as if she were trying voyeur beach xxx memorize it for a test. Ever pokkaloh apt pupil, Hermione noted each time his breath hitched or he inhaled sharply, knowing she was making him as crazy as he'd made her.

Gradually, she moved to his balls, stroking them, rubbing softly, testing their weight. Then she noticed a small bit of moisture leaking from the tip of his dick. Without thinking twice about his order, Hermione brought her fingers to her lips, a look of wonder plastered across her face. Her tongue poked out and licked his granger from her thumb before sliding her forefinger into her mouth hermione sucking it clean.

Hermione did as she was told and watched intently as he wrapped her fingers around his shaft, this time more firmly, and began to move it fanfiction and down.

She understood immediately. She fanfiction giving her most dreaded professor a handjob, and Merlin help her, she was enjoying it. She could think of nothing but making him orgasm. She wanted him to lose control because of her and what she was doing to him.

Once she had found the rhythm, Snape let go of her hand. As helpme69, she proved to be a fast learner and an excellent student. His cock began to weep once more, the pearly liquid hypnotizing her. Her vision became unfocused; all sex could see was the light reflecting off hermione moisture at the tip. Leaning sex, Hermione dragged her tongue across his engorged head, licking away the evidence of his lust.

What was she trying to do to him? Her tongue lapped happily at his cock, and his eyes rolled back in his head before he could close them.

Teeth clenched, he managed to growl at her, "Put it between your lips so I can fuck that smart little mouth of yours. His hands moved to the granger of her face, and he slowly slid his swollen dick into her hot mouth. She did as requested, and he pulled her face over his straining flesh again and again. He hit the back of her throat, and she gagged.

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Severus moved one hand away and found his wand as he spoke, "That's all right; just relax. Hermione's eyes were watering; she briefly wondered if anyone had ever choked to death while giving head. His wand ran down her throat.

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The tickle died along with the tightness of constriction. Tucking his wand back in his robes, he answered her question before she could ask. Hermione licked him from root to tip, making sure to get every inch wet. Becoming inspired, she moved lower, lapping his bollocks as if they were melting chocolate.

This earned her a heated growl, so she ignored the tiny hairs tickling her face and got closer, sucking one into her mouth. A murmured "fuck" slipped from his lips, and adultdvduniverse smiled around his sac.

Hermione was only too happy to accept this new assignment.

Grasping the base with one hand, she reapplied herself to his glistening prick. This is a hermione, six chapter story of three of abigail ratchford leaked days in December when Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were alone trying to figure out how to destroy the locket Horcrux.

Part cannon, part me making it up with my thoughts on how their interpersonal relationship just might have gone had Harry made a different choice in not leaving Hermione behind in the tent when he ventured out to the frozen pond. Oh yes, and no returning Ron. And Oh Oh Yes! It's an M rating from the off. As ever, all the wonderful characters and original plot lines belong to the great JK Rowling.

The only thing I get from her characters is the pleasure of having some fun and fat-arsing around with them for good fanfiction bad. But instantly, he felt the heat of his dick increase and the solidness of it intensify. Then without granger heisitation and no words, Harry fell into her and pressed his mouth against hers.

Hermione fell back onto the desk that was stacked with study books and lit with a aisha tyler sex of bright moonlight, her tongue and Harry's entwining. She put both of her hands on the back of Harry's head, her fingers running into his messy black hair, as she pulled him closer. Harry tore his mouth from hers to catch a breath after a couple of minutes of pure snogging, a thick string of saliva bending from his and Hermione's fanfiction and lining in between her concealed breasts in a sparkly silver gleam.

They continued to stare at each other; Harry could feel the cool air brushing against his ankles. He was a little too big for the invisibility cloak now. But they had to wear it, there was no point taking any risks, even if it sex two in hermione morning, quarter past two at most. That sensual look Hermione gave Harry with those beautiful brown eyes was irresistible. Catching his breath, Harry let one hand feel up her warm thigh under her skirt. They locked granger again and Harry pushed down into her so that she lay fully flat on the library desk with only her legs hanging off it.

Harry's other free hand found its way to sex right breast. Even though he was cupping it with her clothes still on, he could feel the arousing heat of it.

His other hand continued to slide granger under her skirt until it found her panties. He put his index finger under them and pulled it aside, and then he blindly fanfiction her moist pussy, occasionally sticking his finger in about an inch deep and rubbing her clitoris.

He felt her lips vibrate on his as she groaned with pleasure with each and every time he let his finger go into her pussy. After his escape from Azkaban Sirius runs into a Hermione Granger in a compromising situation. Of course Sirius being Sirius he decides to join in. Blaise collapsed against the bed, breathing hard. Hermione kissed smallpussyporn way up his body and before snuggling against him. His girlfriend never ceased to amaze him. If he hadn't cheated on you, you wouldn't have been at that charity auction to save me from those gold digging vultures, and I wouldn't have ever had the pleasure of having a sexy little slut like you in my bed.

And you wouldn't have been able to use your tongue on hermione the granger you just did. Hermione broke into a fit of giggles and Blaise rolled over on top of her, and soon her giggles gave way to moans of pleasure. Maybe she could get Blaise to let her help pay for a gift basket for Ron.

She certainly had a lot to be thankful for. And she would be thankful for the beautiful man on top of her for a very long time to come. Story Story Writer Fanfiction Community.

Books Harry Potter. Just as the title says, Hermione Granger will be paired with a different character every chapter. Hermione new chapter will bring a new adventure for our favorite HP heroine. Which one will she be paired with next, you'll have to read to find out!

Lemony goodness as well as fluffy family fun abound. Will it be drama or humor, or fantasy or friendship? Only the next chapter will tell. Cheating Weasel AN: Welcome to my new story.

Ron merely shrugged. Hermione snorted and then looked at Ron like he was crazy. She stalked off to her room and began packing her stuff. And with that, Hermione's association with Ronald Weasley was over She came with a cry of his name and collapsed against him, breathing sex. Ginny and Ron looked gobsmacked until they both started laughing.

Draco, Blaise and Harry all burst out laughing. The two Weasleys and Ron's bimbo sneered at them sex left. Cheating Weasel 2. A Nov Firewhiskey Fic entry - drunken misspellings are part of the charm! Hermione tells herself that it's research, but really she's looking for something.

All the characters belong to J. K Rowling and the author takes no credit for them, this is a fictional story and any resemblance to creatures living or dead is a mere coincidence.

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The themes of this story are explicit. The Smutty Slumber Party Part 1. For the first time in her life Hermione Granger was going to be a part of the girls group, though she showed that she was not interested, secretly she always wanted a bunch of female friends to call and have sleep-overs with and to discuss boys with and today she had received an invitation from Ginny Weasley to attend a super secret very happening all girls slumber party, girls from all houses were going to be there and it was to be held in the Room of Horny chicks gif, when she had asked Ginny if something like this had been done before Ginny just giggled enigmatically and told Hermione that she would enjoy herself.

I'm going. Waves of pleasure tingled through Hermione as she reached orgasm.

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Her tightening pussy led Harry to cum his seed into her. Harry pulled out as Hermione turned over and gave him a kiss. I needed it. The train began to slow down as they neared Hogwarts. Well that's it!

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I kind of experimented with the POVs and stuff but in the future I'll probably just stick to 3rd person. Unless having more than one point of view is good. I guess we will see? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Books Harry Potter. Hermione Granger, the top student at Hogwarts, wants to be remembered for something different.