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If you step out in loose jeans and a baggy tee shirt, you must be more masculine. Jeans and a tee are hot. Guys love a short skirt or a tight dress. They also think a simple tee with a pair of jeans is hot.

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It just screams confident and fun. Girly girls kind of have a bad reputation for being divas. They love having things their way. All you have to do is run a brush through it and maybe pull it up in a ponytail.

No harm, no foul. You have easier access to guys.

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Tomboys are just as hot as any tumblr foot cuck girl. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

Just click here …. Crystal Crowder Crystal Hot is a freelance writer and blogger. Angela, who had flouncy miniskirts and older sisters who taught her how to do mall bangs, was the coolest, and we all imitated her hyper-speed Valley Girl speak and bubble letters. That year, my best friend Amy and I decided to get matching high-top Chucks: hers pink, mine tomboy. The day we debuted them I felt cool as hell, but at recess, a boy I didn't know came marching up to me and asked, "Why are you wearing boy shoes?

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When comforting me, Amy said, "It's OK, you're just a little tomboyish," and although I hadn't heard the word before, it felt like an insult.

I resolved flapjack hentai wear more pink. I hot to realize my mom was different than my friends' moms, too. In first grade, our teacher asked us to interview our parents about their jobs and what tools they used to do them. My mom told me that she used a "CNC computer and milling machine" and assured me my classmates would sex hd that was very cool and high-tech.

I was confused when I realized all tomboy other moms' answers were different. Tomboy friend Kimberly proudly announced to the class that her mother's tools were "a playpen, dishwasher, and bottle. I wish I could insert a revelation here about how I realized my mother was an independent, working-class feminist warrior, obviously so much cooler than those sad moms with their drop-waist floral dresses and their dishwashers. But I didn't feel hot, I felt uneasy. The rules in my world were changing, and my mother could not help me navigate the new parts of it.

I loved her, but I knew she would never teach me to do my hair. So I figured out the weird business of being a woman without her.

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I never learned what the fuck to do with my hair, but I spent my teen years staring at photos of Ronnie Spector and can now do a credible winged liquid liner in my sleep. And despite brief, costumey forays into extreme girliness, there's always been an element of tomboy in my look, ringer tees and Levi's faded cornflower blue. Androgynous '70s burnout is more or less my preferred mode of dress - early imprinting dies hard.

But besides her direct influence on my wardrobe, my mom showed me that there's this whole other way of being a woman that TV and magazines don't tell you about. I think she hot that femininity was a sort of useless trap and discarded any parts of it she couldn't be bothered with. It didn't occur to her to do it any differently. Watching her, I learned that dressing like one of the guys or doing a job as well as them won't get you treated any better and in fact can make you a target.

So you might as well dress how you want and give as good as you get, even if doing so comes with a heaping pile of bullshit. And I see now that the shit my mom took, she took for me and my sister, and I love her for it. Leeann Duggan is a New York—based editor, writer, pussey games Rust Belt hot with lots of feelings about clothes and weirdly few about Drake. BigliestWurdz: McConnell's own words: "There is not anything judicial about it. Skip to main content. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart.

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