Is anal sex tight like a virgin

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The Science Of Your Vagina: Why Women Don't Get 'Looser' After Sex

If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Serious here. My boyfriend was big and we fucked all the time. Now we broke up and I've been anal retiscent sp? But my ass is still loose. I'm getting scared that it won't tight up again like it used to.

I'm only 22 and yes its true, and Im in good shape so wtf? Really, I don't have anyone else to ask, and its a gay site right? I have my boyfriend slap my hole several times, that usually tightens it up enough for him to anal me.


If you attempt the Kegels alone, without the butt plug, the ensuing slapping sounds may frighten the neighbors. Your hole is done. The only hope for you is to find someone bigger than your ex No, OP, it won't ever tighten up again. It's that one peculiar muscle in the human body that never firms up vidya balan ass sex more use.

No your like is decimated, no point in putting it to waste though.

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You should consider opening a storage unit now that you have naked girls asheville nc that free space. Doesn't the sphincter tighten up after a while when intercourse is over? I read this somewhere, maybe Ladies Hole Journal? The better question is why would anyone want to tighten a loose hole on its way to Holland Tunnel quality?

I don't believe any of this. My ex had a big, thick, cut dick and he fucked me several times a week for 8 years. We broke up 18 years ago and I'm still tight, as my virgin current bf will attest to. It's 'tighten up', butthead. And no, it won't all by itself. Your underwear must be a total sex mess. I even know men who dabbled in being fist fucked for years and had retightened asses after laying off the fist for a few years. I find that if my love tunnel is too loose, another cock shoved down my throat makes my hole gets real tight.

Once stretched, the rectum tight doesn't tighten back. However, the sphincter is quite remarkable in its ability to 'snap back'. I looked up Kegel and I don't see how it can tight up the outside part tight my butt hole. I mean, there's like a muscle ring and the exercise tightens that, but where the hole is that's where its like open, like a loose line.

When I'm tightening my muscles I mean. I hate to say it but like a woman's hole, that shape. So gif most beautiful nude fucking won't just go back? I can't afford an operation but I always liked my pucker and would send pics.

Now if I do and I want to get back into bottoming I think they'll notice. Anyway, thanks. OP you could rent your hole out and make money, there are always people looking for addition garage space for their cars.

7 Virginity Myths and What You Should Know Instead

OP, I have some crates of books that I need to put into storage. How loose are we talking? Are your rates competitive? I fucked a guy last year who had his asshole re-tightened. It was amazing. You'll only get this treatment if you have a damaged butthole though, or have lots of money to spend on elective plastic surgery.

Here's Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Vaginal Tightening

R40 Good one. If the hole looks like the saarlac pit in Return of the Jedi it will never be good again. Total bottoms are like Angelina Jolie.

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But sadly after 6 kids, marrying another hobo who never bathes. You end up loose, anorectic, gaunt, showing off your pale green ptaying mantis-like stick leg at the Academy Awards. I am not a total bottom. Like I said I have not done it with virgin since I broke up. I bottomed with him because he liked it. I liked it too but I like everything. He was just really big and did a lot of positions and I never hurt really but I think it was just too much.

I think the people who shit on bottoms here are just phobic. Why wouldn't you want to give your partner pleasure and get it for yourself. I top too, just not my boyfriend because he sex Puerto Rican and said it would mess with his head. He had issues. But thanks again. I feel stupid asking about it but its freaking me out a little. I used to shove pool balls and the fat side of baseball bats up my ass all the time when I was your age, OP.

It all tightened back up when I quit doing that and found me a top. Give it a few months, you will tighten up as tight as when you were born. OP, they have vaginal tightening so they should have rectal tightening. Talk to your doctor about getting a referral to a plastic surgeon. Vaginal tightening is the same concept as rectal tightening.

Don't be ashamed, that's how you have intercourse. Seek like a gay doctor if you must. I actually like holes like the one OP is describing he has. They are still tighter than a vagina but they're easier for a cock to slide into.