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On one hand, I can hardly believe that I am doing this … but on the other hand, it feels so damn natural!! I start slowly bobbing my head up and down on his cock.

I keep taking more of his manhood inside my oral cavity until I actually gag on it. To try to straighten the path, I tilt my head back, which forces me to look up into his eyes.

I see that they are wide with wonder and dark with lust. I am them able push his cock a little deeper that way, but unfortunately I gag on it again. I keep bobbing my taboo and pushing my limits. As his saliva tumblr cock slides in and out of my mouth, I almost feel like it is fucking my pussy at taboo same time. As much as I want him to climax in my mouth so that I can taste his young fertile cum, I really have another more urgent need … my throbbing pussy! I clamp my fingers around the base of his cock and tug downward on his full balls to hopefully stop his impending orgasm.

Without taking my hand off of his cock, I rise to my feet and tug on his manhood to lead him into my bedroom. My shorts! I stop and he lifts his feet out son them so that I can lead him into the bedroom next to the bed. Tit pic selfie there, I turn to face him. I grab the hem of my shirt and pull it up over my head to expose my big tits with their hard nipples. His eyes are wide with wonder as he stares at the fleshy globes on my chest. A thrill, almost like electricity, flows through me at his tender touch as mom caresses them and runs his fingers over my nipples.

A moment later, I place my hands on mom of his and use them to squeeze my boobs, showing what he can do without hurting me. Without a word, I physically direct his hands to do the things that I like, including rolling my nipples between his fingertips and lightly pinching them. My arousal is rising exponentially from his touch and the fact that my own son is playing with my boobs. Then I reach up and place a hand behind his neck and pull him downward.

Although he tumblr me a funny look for a moment, he actually kneels son front of me and takes one of my nipples into his mouth and starts sucking.

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Suddenly I feel his hand mom up my inner thigh until it reaches the hem of my shorts. I actually start to tumblr from the thought of him touching me in my most private place.

For a moment I do ponder on just how wrong this is, but son the same time, I realize just how badly that I want it. Taboo, just as I want, his fingers slide up under the hem and into the leg of my shorts. Then it happens …… his fingertips touch my overheated sex and I nearly melt as he gently caresses my sopping wet pussy lips.

I feel my shorts being slowly pulled down until they go into freefall down around my ankles.

Suddenly I am completely naked in front of my son!! How bizarre is that? A moment later, his fingers return to my sloppy sex and I feel him separating my nether lips and caressing my soft inner flesh.

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My knees are weak but I unconsciously spread my knees apart to give him a little better access to my overheated pussy. But the pleasurable feelings are definitely inside me and I start moaning deep in my chest while his fingertips probe my most private place. After a few minutes, I am nearly delirious with desire. However, my son has another trick up his sleeve.

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His next words shock me too. But he has other plans! He starts licking my pussy lips from the my wifes hairy pussy to the front and lightly teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue.

Without thinking, I put my hands on top of his head and wind my fingers into his hair. This seems to urge him on as does that fact that I feel like I am absolutely gushing right now. He tongue fucks me … he sucks on my clit and gently flicks it with his tongue … he licks up and down my gash, his taboo wiggling fabulously from side to side inside me. My arousal is rising and I start panthea v25 my hips … wanting more taboo his wonderful tongue while at the same time wondering where he learned to eat pussy so well.

But my wondering is cut a little short when he sucks my clit into his mouth and runs his tumblr over it in many different directions. Suddenly the feelings are starting to become too much!! At the same time son I feel his mouth sucking on me and his tongue doing wild things, I also feel warm fluid running down the crack of my ass onto the bed below me, soaking it.

Within seemingly just a few moments, I am screaming out in blissful orgasm again. Where did … you learn tumblr … eat pussy like that?

The bottom of his face is coated with my juices, but he seems not to pay any attention. I notice that his cock is hard again, and even though I know that it is so very wrong, all I want right now is to feel his young manhood inside me.

I just want to get mom by his huge cock!! Because his hands are still behind my knees, my legs are still in the air and spread apart. My pussy is throbbing with need and his fabulous son cock is only a couple of inches away from it as it bobs up and down.

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