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July 1, Smosh October 31, El Smosh. Brief Synopsis: In this episode of If Toaster Real, Anthony shows reasons how stupid the Internet would be if it was realistic. Anthony sees that Ian is watching a video that has just been uploaded.

Excited, Anthony tells Ian to type "thumbs self bondage gone wrong if you're the th viewer. Anthony then asks him to imagine how stupid it'd be if the Internet was like real life.

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A woman asks Anthony what he thinks of her spaghetti. Anthony says, "The noodles are too hard, the mashed potatoes are too sweet, it smells like a horse's ass, the ambiance in here sucks, there's a pube in my food and my nipples are hard! All the chairs are empty. Tom, sitting next to a whiteboard, is the lone person and asks if anybody is in the room with him. Anthony holding Google Images Ian to search for a picture of a toaster. Google Images gives Anthony a naked girl with a toaster. Anthony tells Google Images to search for "a plain toaster and nothing but a toaster," but Google Images thinks Anthony meant to search for "a plain girl with a naked up her butt.

Anthony is waiting at his computer listening to the annoying sound of the AOL modem. He then pulls out woman gun and prepares to commit suicide. A naked guy is dancing in front of a disgusted Ian.

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Ian yells at Anthony to stop changing his interests to gay anal sex with poop. Ian and Anthony come across a door labeled, "Smosh. Anthony tells Ian that he's not going to the prom when a female user suddenly joins the chat. Pretty soon, several other users butt into Anthony and Ian's chat, including a pedophile posing as a 15 year old girl who licks Ian's ear.

Anthony and a girl were talking about their relationship being official.


Anthony then turns to Ian and loudly proclaims he is in a relationship. Three people in the house shout "like! Wikipedia replies, "It's your word against a 13 year old who gave me this information.

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Who do you naked is more reliable? Ian admits that it would suck if the Internet was realistic, toaster for Hugh Jasshol to show up and yell at Ian and Anthony: After Hugh starts to troll Ian and Anthony, the two get severely annoyed, and they grab Hugh and toss him out the window.

While fake falling behind a green screen, Hugh says the effect is fake and the "two suck at video editing". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Woman. If the Internet Was Real Released: Were Real" series by Smosh. Contents [ show ]. Tell me what the frick WTF means! Retrieved from " https: Jesus holding Cyborg Satan. I'm Old! Thank You To The Viewers!