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Log in Sign up. Rusty and Larnold are too goddamn much. F'realz tho Iggy Azalea Nipples? I rlly wanna get my nipple pierced tbh. Okay then. Or lack thereof?

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Ask emmfairy a question run-neverlook-back voldemort nipples? My 4 year old niece was just in my room… McKenna : Can you help me put on my bathing suit top cause you said you are so smart? Me : I sure can! McKenna : 1 plus equals 2, right? Me : um…? Okay, bathing suit is on!

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Got them boobies covered up now! McKenna : You mean nipples! Seriously though, why does Nuzleaf have nipples? Ask sals-corner a question?? Sals-Corner ask weird ask nipples? This is so ridiculous nipples? Tis the season Of perky nips. Itchin for a new piercing but what.

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Nyx wants a baby scan?? Something about Luke???

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