If history could be said to be dynamic then the same could be said of chieftaincy in Urhobo area. Leadership is a difficult task and ovies8 cooperation of both leaders and followers for there to be success; without leaders the problem of organizations would be stern.

Thomas Hobos ovies8 of the greatest philosophers sees this very problem in term of a state of nature which holds in the light of bleak and pessimistic human nature which was gloomy and sordid1. It is on this ground that the nature of chieftaincy has been drawn.

Mukuerjee and S. Urhobo Geography Urhobo land is a contiguous territory of about square kilometre in the centre part of the Delta Province. On it southern livecam66 is Ossimomio, Ovade and Okpekirri.

Along this town is the river Ethiope. The river which is the most important river in Urhobo land extents to Abraka town and turns to Ubiaruku where the source lies a mist a very big tree. In the south ovies8 river moves around Sapele and the boundary line enters into Elume before entering into Warri townthen goes along the Warri river and turns right towards Odube creek in this process it cuts into Alaja but cuts off Facados flat.

Between the rain forest and swamp forest2 we can recognize a number of different vegetation zones each running from the River Ethiope in the west as far as the Warri and Benin river and merging imperceptibly with her neighbour3. The area is ovies8 crossed ovies8 channels of underground water4. These waters serve for transportation of people and goods to 2 This ovies8 often found in the tropics near the ovies8 where a river and a sea meets, where the floor is made of particles of soil which are deposited ovies8 the mouth of the river.

The habitat is rather difficult for plant and animal survival because of the following factors. Fluctucting salt content: The Swamp is essential tidal, receiving water of lower salinity from the river and higher salinity from the sea at different time each day. The plant and animal will thus have to adapt to withstand such change in salinity. Aeration: The soil in the swamp is saturated and hence almost completely lacks the oxygen required by the plant for respiration.

Only a limited number of plant can live under such conditions. Mobility of soil:The soil level is not stable because of the rivers often bring down alluvium to raise the level of the soil, and this ovies8 disturbed by the future sea currents From the volume of the water which kate del castillo porno the area it can be deduced that the basic industries would be water based5 and because of the vast number of land agriculture could be said to be the subsistence.

The Urhobo planted cassava6, yam, cowpea, pepper, plantain etc. In contracts to what is produced by the Urhobo people. The people of Zaria who belong to an afro- Asiatic stock ovies8 grains7. There were practices such as hunting, gathering and commence. They hunted bear, wild dogs, grass cutters etc with the aid of tool such as Okrase and Ojo. Okrase is a tool which has a short shape with long legs.

In a nut shell it is pregnant sissy tumblr a short spear. Ojo is a staffs that appears in a form of a comb.

Theoritical Construct The paper would make use of structural functionalism, Marxism and Economic Theory of cost. The ovies8 capacity of a system can be seen in it operation. In structural functionalism theory christmas gangbang 5 Canoe making, pottery and fishing are some of the few activities carried out. The major component of chieftaincy are found in this 22 clan politics called Urhobo.

Each of which are independent, they all had Ovies, Otota, Opakako ovies8 Odiobo. The Ovies8 were the head of states while the ototas the spoke man were the prime minister. The Opkako were elders9 who served the kings court.

They functioned as adviser and also had their individual courts in their house. A gathering of peace contingent constituted or headed by the ovie or headed by the ovie could be primary to peace in the ovies8, bring solution to land crises in village and reach solution for towns involved in boundary dispute.

Odibo carried out messages in the numerous clans which include Ughieenvwe, Udu, Ewu etc The government functioned within the ambit of the age grade.

The age grade was like a fast vehicle via which ovies8 members were carried along the ovies issued sermons, messengers had duties to deliver messages to people of the villages that made up the clan there creating a bridge of unity among the ruler 8 Kings 9 O.

By performing their task they would create a bridge of communication among the first circle of chieftaincy and create alertness among the numerous circles of followers. Another theory to be employed is materialist dialectic theory just as structural functionalist theory dies out like a candle ovies8 a rushing wind.

It is a theory of change. Change could mean movement to a new mode either by revolutionary or evolution. In pre colonial period the major means of production was by subsistence while in the colonial period it was a commercial mode of production backed by cash crop cultivation, the post colonial period changed to mono production of crude oil. In precolonial period leadership was mainly administered from the age-grade and in the 16th century when slave trade was introduced extending to the 19th century when legitimate trade was introduced.

Marx attempted to study society scientifically in his study he averred that all things have occurred in stages. He explained that each stage was a product of the previous one. He averred that there 11 W. In modern societies advancement can be seen in the context of survival in decisions made and decision forgone that stand for opportunity cost and imputed cost The 20th for example stand on a strong market economy rather than edict of princes, key players are firms like John holts, Liver brothers etc.

Firms took decision and worked on them. In the case of the Urhobo area they were equally responsible for political activities like signing treaties.


They laid the foundation for the colonial anime aex. Look at the Royal Niger Company it signed numerous treaties with Urhobo towns ovies8 villages like Okpara, Agbassa-ame etc.

Sources Next in the list is the nature of evidence ovies8 in understanding and interpreting the above subject. Due to the nature of mature lesbo movies subject all sources have been exhausted.

There are Primary sources, Secondary sources and Tietary sources. Primary sources are sources that occur immediately before the observer. They are regarded as ovies8 hand information.

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