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She didn't shy away from the criticism, however, and posed for photos with her arms stretched out or above armpit head to further show off her hairy bits.

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Priyamani activist, writer, and one half of the hugely successful slam poetry duo Dark Matter, Menon normally gravitates toward more feminine silhouettes and pics. However, that doesn't stop them from pairing lipstick and a dress with armpit hair and a beard. Armpit is not gendered, and our choices surrounding maintaining it do not determine femininity. Pop queen Madonna has always been known to go against the grain. Let's face it: Fuzzy armpits go great with a lacy black bra.

Further proving that armpit hair has no gender, agender activist and model Tyler Ford rocks a fuzzy pit, too.

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You simply can't deny how badass armpit hair looks with that leather top. Loren was inarguably the OG of repping feminine scandal pictures leaked hair, reminding us that you can still present classically feminine while also choosing not to maintain your body hair.

Cyrus is arguably the mother of armpit hair for Millennials. She's proudly rocked them on the red carpet, dyed them fun colors and documented this via selfies on her Instagramand posed provocatively with her pits on full display for multiple photographers and magazines.

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She drives the point home that we should be proud of our body inyouchuu etsu because it's not only subversive, but also sexy.

She's been keeping her underarms fuzzy since the '90s, and the fact that Barrymore hardly ever addresses her body hair preferences is inspiring for anyone else longing to adopt a "long hair, don't care" attitude. After all, body hair maintenance is a personal choice, and it's certainly no one's business but your own.

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