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Christmas is near!! I bought a christmas tree yesterday, so excited to put it up!! Filipinos decorate christmas trees in a different way, compared to how we do it in sweden. Tuesday, October 30, Tonight at Palladium. FHM Halloween party! Be there is your best costumes!!

Me and my vixens will be there see ya!! For those who don't know.

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Wednesday, October 24, Time to say thanks. Halloween next hotebonysex For those who celebrate Thanksgiving I wanna ask, Where can you get a decent thanksgiving dinner here in Manila?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden so I never experienced that holiday. Always seen it in movies and it looks so cozy and the food looks so great! Gathering family and friends, eating good food and lots of laughter is what I love and live for.

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God bless you and your family! Sunday, October 21, Back on it. Finally got my Internet back on! I'm feel totally handicapped without wifi. Saturday, September 29, Top 8. Here you have it!

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The top 8 vixens!!! Don't forget to vote for your favorite girl to be the Next Ultimate Vixen Wednesday, September vixen, Elvis. My dad just sent me these ultimate pictures of my cat Elvis. Saturday, September 15, my little baby. On our way to my sisters place, Lucky sleeping as always. She was happy to babysit him while i was working :. Dinner with my sister from another mother and father, Asa! Thursday, Porn xm 6, Pacific Xtreme Combat.

My first time to watch a PXC fight, had a great time and I would love to watch the next fight! Here are some pictures from the PXC 33 fight! Nathalie, Akiko and Abby as ring girls! The referees. Monday, September 3, PXC. Friday, August 24, Man down. Well premiere what happen yesterday, no kickboxing for one week Wednesday, August 22, Fitness first. Feeling kinda sore today, went boxing for the first time yesterday. Cause for me, fitness and health is beyond beauty.

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Some say that they are happy with the way they look and are built, that's fine too, as long as they are happy. But how fun is it if you're running late and have to run to so you ultimate miss the bus or train that your supposed to catch and your condition is so bad that you can't vixen fast or long enough? Just saying Everyone has a choice, so i don't care to listen to people who says "I'm just built with big bones".

Being big boned is one thing, but all old man young woman sex video fats around that comes from what you eat and wont burn. I support that! First step is to eat healthier, you don't have to stop eating pizza if that's your favorite thing, Just eat less, and maybe not everyday.

My thing is premiere i have One cheat-day a week, that's when i treat myself with something less healthy but suuuuper good ;P Would love to hear how You stay healthy and fit.

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Sunday, August 19, Sunday nights. Haven't really done anything today. But I don't feel tooo guilty bout it since its Sunday. Sunday, August 12, Fake naked photos in time. My latest tattoo. Been shopping like crazy today! Anyway, in my last post mentioned that i have a small project in my mind. That place also gives out free condoms, so i was thinking about getting a bunch of free condoms to give out in philippines. Feels really good to finally start training again.

It's been soo long since I vixen worked out. And Fhm sexiest is coming up in July!!! Never forget to take a moment each and everyday to think about everything you got and give thanks to God and your family. You never know, you might not have ultimate you have today, tomorrow. I'm so thankful premiere blessed and happy to be where I am today.

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I miss my mom, dad and my siblings though Friends will come and go obviously, but your family will always be there no matter what! Sunday, May 5, Happy Cinco de mayo! Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! Cinco de mayo is Spanish for fifth of may, it's celebrated in the United States and regionally in Mexico.

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So today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration to commemorate the Mexican heritage and pride. The pictures was taken last night at Bugsys Makati :. Saturday, April 27, Just another day. Hi bloggers! Feeling a bit rusty today. So instead of working tonight I decided to just stay home and rest Gonna be covering my friend Asa's shift the next two weeks cuz she's going on vacation : so jealous Really wish I was in Boracay or any other beach right now Well well