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Despite him being an anti-hero, Vegeta and Frieza were rather the same to me. Before Vegeta decided to change his ways for good, he was only interested in surpassing Goku. Similar to Frieza, he had a one sided objective that only favored himself.

Overtime we did see Vegeta change for the better late in the Buu Saga, but earlier he proceeded to take somewhat of an action that would harm others for his selfish needs.

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Sauth afrika xnxx proceeded to become Majin in order to finally defeat Goku. This vegeta reminded me of an act Frieza would do so ensure that his wish came true. Sure Vegeta would sacrifice himself later on against Majin Buu, but you can't deny that his villainous acts vegeta somewhat rule to Frieza.

Considering he grew up under his rule for so long, you gotta wonder how Vegeta's mindset really changed over the years. He stated that Frieza made him who he was and that's entirely true. Although they don't show it, Vegeta grew up to be a cold hearted killer because of Frieza. He's kinda like an rule stepfather but more villainous towards everyone.

While this relationship is rather weird, the two acted so similar to me. But luckily this has changed for the better, but it's somewhat the same. Vegeta really has that pent up aggression towards Frieza and he has every right to be. The brutality that he inflicts on his enemies really shows that built up anger that he still has left within him. But he does have traits unlike him. Gohan Blanco.

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