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Vicky Aisha has everyone in attendance screaming and some close to fainting with her hot hot hot antics! This young lady is a huge success with 1.

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She loves to pull her panties up at the sides to show of her amazing hams all ready for Christmas. Vicky is also heavily tattooed which makes her very popular with the kids now days. The black and grey designs working with the curvature of her body is really something to behold. I wonder how many squats she can do or perhaps how much she can squat? With such a powerful caboose i am interested to see what she can do with it?!!!

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Oh well, we have her ass, and that is more than enough to fulfill all our needs and desires. Mine for sure! Just searching for seashells. I have been doing some hunting around the web to learn more about Vicky and found out that she was born on October 31, Moreover, Vicky Aisha also has a twin sister Liz and you occasionally see them together on Instagram.


The main one is well over 1. Indeed, Vicky is definitely doing something right on the interwebs. Hello how are you? Bath time, anyone? Photo by mrchanchui.

Vicky Aisha

Wanna come for a dip? Festival look no. When the denim hugs you just right.

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You come home and see me chilling out on your balcony like this, wyd? Just got my first pic back from this shoot! Wishing I was back in this cenote, who wants to join me? Focus on me.

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