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Modern fashion photography and Photoshop have both contributed to this neurosis, skin colours and waistlines digitally lightened and trimmed to sell an ideal rather than a fact. With her measurements, Woman Soares, 21, known as Watermelon Woman in Brazilian tabloids, offers proof that good health, beauty and a big booty are not incompatible.

It is really big! The Venus of Willendorf, an 11cm-high watermelon statuette, estimated to have been made between BC and BC, depicts a generously proportioned female figure.

More recently, counter-culture cartoonist Robert Crumb has celebrated big-bottomed women as the apogee of beauty. Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg has also added his voice. Medical science brazil lock step with taste here. In the US, buttock enhancement surgery is now a standard procedure.

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In Brazil it has already surpassed other cosmetic procedures in popularity. Register Sign In. Vice: Oi, querida! Please tell us who you are.

I was a radio broadcaster, and one day the station posted a picture of me online. It is really big!

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What were you doing in this picture? It was a picture of me at the beach. I was bathing in the sea and my butt was up in the air. Tell us about this intriguing type of butt dancing you do to accompany your songs. She shakes and trembles in different speeds. Is this when you developed your own style? But people always want to see the butt shaking on the floor.

Now everyone in Brazil knows me.

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Everything has to do with my butt! What is a Watermelon Woman show like? There are two dancers—one blond, one brunette—me, and a DJ. This is your signature move, right?

Go, go, go! In the beginning there were only men. Thank God! I feel really happy. So even as a child you knew there was something special back there?

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Well, 20 to 30 percent of people here get silicone implants. Some in their lips, some in their butts, but mostly in their chests. I think so—from what people tell me.