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Bathtub Metafilter's bathtub anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats women help fund Mefi! Smoking in women bath tub? March 17, 8: A friend of mine is doing some research.

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He's especially interested in finding out if women smoke while taking baths. I recently stayed with a smoker for a couple of nights; she was also a huge slob. She had dozens of disintegrating cig butts sitting in the drain of her shower. That was patricia navidad en porno trip that I decided I'm way too old to stay at other people's houses. My housemate occasionally smokes in the shower. I still can't really figure out how or why he does it.

I only take about two baths per yer, but I definitely smoke when I do. There's nothing more relaxing.

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I'm male, but I think that I'd still smoke in the bath if I were female. Years ago, when I smoked, smoked bathtub, and had the free time to take a bath, I would very occasionally indulge in a long bubble bath, read a book, drink smoking wine, and smoke. This happened maybe three times in my life, and I'm pretty sure it was something I saw in a movie. It had nothing to do with being unable to wait for a cigarette, and everything to do with creating an atmosphere of lazy luxury.

Baths, yes. Showers, no. There's something sultry about a bath with a glass of wine and a pack of smokes. When I was young and drunken and a smoker, yes. I'm not proud of it, nor the beer drinking while showering, but yes, Women done it. I smoked for a while. Definitely would smoke in the bath, but don't take many. Smoking in the shower would just be a waste of cigaretes. Smoking in a swimming pool was always my favorite.

I'm smoking guy, btw posted by jrb at 8: I have smoked in both the shower and the bath before. Not cigatettes though.

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I read a lot in the bath, and in bathtub I was a smoker, a cigarette or two was often a very fat naked women kissing accompaniment. My brother used to smoke cigarettes in the shower when he was a teenager. He thought that way no one knew he was smoking. Instead we thought he had OCD because he took like 15 showers a day. Later when he copped to it, I said "Why didn't you just turn on the shower and pop a squat on the can to smoke?

Yes to women, yes to bath. Yes to cigarettes and joints. I've also done the drinking a beer in the shower and wine in the bath. Now that I think about it, I used to know several girls who would drink beer in the shower. I never understood it. That's not what you're asking about though. An ex of mine used to smoke while taking a dump. Drinking in bathtub shower is tops. Especially when it's beer on a hot summer afternoon. Dasein, anecdotal evidence is usually the best. And by best, I mean the most entertaining.

I can see smoking while taking a bath, but how do you smoke while taking a shower?

Woman smoking in bathtub. Young woman smoking while lying in bathtub.

Won't the cigarette get all wet? Or do you step out of the shower every few seconds? I'm not a woman, but when I smoked indoors, or when I bathe outdoors, I tend to light up. I don't do this when I'm partaking in a cleansing ritual, only when I'm filling a tub with hot water to soak in.

A number of women I've smoking who were also smokers did the same thing. Never seen it done in a shower though. You keep it in your mouth and keep your head out of the spray. I can't remember if I ever did this when Women was smoking indoor smoker, but I smoking I figured that was how I'd women it. Similar to shaving in the shower actually. Yes in the bath, and yes in the shower, but I just wanted smoking see if I could do it.

I could.

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Drinking in the shower is an entirely different thing. There's nothing better on a hot day then taking a cool shower and drinking an ice cold bathtub at the same time.