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Thanks for subscribing. Jennifer Kim. The GIF fresh nice pussy. Oh, and sometimes we send GIFs to customers too… And they respond! Further reading. Leaders That Candidates Want to Work For The idea of a good leader often denotes someone who motivates and inspires their teams to be gif, hopeful, and motivated to perform well. Making a GIF is cheap and quick, meaning you can create one on short notice just in time to slip one are your next email campaign.

The text-heavy culture of the s has given way to the on-the-go, gotta-have-it-now way of communicating today. GIFs convey precise meaning and you with your audience in seconds. In addition welcome presenting emotions or reactions in one neatly bundled package, here are some more marketing-focused ideas for how to use these delightfully entertaining videos:.

Use a GIF to demonstrate how your product or service works.

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Want to show people how to do something? Consider the GIF. The GIF below is a concise and entertaining way to digest a lot of information. It grabs my attention and holds it for the duration of the GIF. Imagine placing this in an email that points people to an in-depth report or blog post about marriage rates.

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This story can be about something serious, something silly, or just another way to show what kind of company you really are. Whatever the story is, a GIF is sure to grab attention quicker than any headline. So if you try to stick an awesome promo video smack-dab in the middle of your email, people might get a big, fat broken link.

Instead, stick a GIF in your email. Most ESPs will display them, and using it will set your marketing email campaign apart from the countless others flooding inboxes.

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But remember: Make the first frame in your GIF a good one. Being noticed by people is the first step in your conversion funnel, and using a GIF is a sure-fire way to do just that. Dell saw major benefits from the use of a simple GIF in its email campaign marketing the release of its XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook—a laptop that could easily convert into a tablet. Turns out, making this little GIF the focus of their email marketing campaign for their latest convertible laptop had some serious results.

Dell saw a:. Headspace is a meditation company, so putting a sock GIF in the email is enough to have people wondering what the rest of the email has to say. This GIF flawlessly demos these fresh tearaway chinos by Bonobos. Chinos you can rip off. We have a feeling they were right.

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